How has the pandemic changed people's behaviour? - AST

How has the pandemic changed people's behaviour? - AST

access_time2021-01-18 09:30:23

People are using less cash, do not go out much, do not celebrate birthdays –these are the outcomes of the pandemic, which has had a major impact on the  lives of most Georgians.


The marketing company AST conducted a study on how much the citizens’ lives have changed compared  with early March 2020 before the coronavirus outbreak  and after it.


The December survey showed that the majority of respondents significantly changed their lifestyle –51% reduced the use of cash, 12% of respondents stopped paying with cash.


36% stopped walking in parks and squares, 22% of those who were engaged in physical activity on the street, in parks or in stadiums before the pandemic, stopped doing that.


As of December, 55% stopped make visits, 56% do not invite anyone to their home.


In March, 43% did not celebrate birthdays and did not hold a wake while in December their number rose to 60%.


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