Hotel owners in Gudauri are unhappy about  a growth in the real estate market

Hotel owners in Gudauri are unhappy about a growth in the real estate market

access_time2019-11-12 15:25:03

“So many apartment buildings have been built in Gudauri in recent years that it looks more like residential area in Tbilisi than a ski resort. All these apartments are rent to tourists that can create  considerable problems to the hotel business. The resort  might not feel a shortage of tourists, but the hotels will definitely feel it, ” Levan Krichashvili, director of the Truso Hotel, says.

According to Krichashvili, the situation is also complicated by Russia’s travel ban that decreased the number of reservations.

Traditionally, winter is the most optimistic and promising period for the ski resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani, but this year everything is different - local hotel owners complain about a decline in the reservations, primarily by the Russian tourists.

“The number of reservations  not only decreased, but also hit a record low. The hotel occupancy in Gudauri falls annually due to the huge number of new buildings that is a separate problem. The resort has a very poor infrastructure, there is no gas, no sidewalks, no sewage, there are bad roads, ” he explains.

Krichashvili believes that the resort practically has no conditions for receiving wealthy guests and attracts mainly tourists with low incomes

In  the words of director of the Vere Palace hotel located  in the resort of Bakuriani, most  guests are citizens of Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but due to last year's traffic jams, they might  not come this year.

According to Anna Grigalashvili,  this year the shortage of Russian tourists will create problems for the hotel industry in ski resorts.

“The number of hotel reservations  by Russian citizens fell by 80. We can only expect that as the winter season approaches, the situation will begin to improve, ” the hotel owners in Gudauri and Bakuriani say.


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