Hollywood will spend 21 mln in Georgia

Hollywood will spend 21 mln in Georgia

access_time2019-07-31 13:09:55

According to Director  of Produce in Georgia  state agency Mikhail Khadureli, the Agency is actively involved in attracting  foreign film companies to shoot films in Georgia within Film in Georgia program.

“This is important both economically as film studios spend money on making films, as well as in terms of attracting tourists. For example,  the studio will spend 21 million in 5 weeks while Fast and Furious-9 will be filmed in Georgia or 1.5 million per day. The funds will be spent on daily  expenses such as hotel, food, transportation, etc., local production companies will be involved in the shooting, etc. All this money will remain in Georgia, ”he explains.

Mikhail Khadureli believes this fact will attract tourists when events in  high grossing  and popular film take place in a particular city, which is called and identified.


With the Agency’s support,  in total 26 foreign films, mostly Indian, have been shot in Georgia. Total expenses of film companies in the country amounted to GEL 67 million.


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