Health Ministry owes GEL 300 million to clinics

Health Ministry owes GEL 300 million to clinics

access_time2020-01-24 08:00:19

The Ministry of Health  owed about GEL 300 million to private clinics within  the universal insurance program.

These are amounts for paying the treatment of patients taken over by the clinic at the first stage after which the Ministry of Health reimburses the costs.


The Ministry does not deny the debt - according to the Minister of Health Ekaterina Tikaradze, the payment of the debt is carried out on a daily basis and will soon be fully covered.

“The problems that caused the accumulation of debt will be gradually resolved  through  constant consultations of the Ministry of Health with clinics, ”she notes.

Representatives of the clinics say that the state debt has significantly worsened their financial situation, and many clinics were unable to pay salaries to their employees for the new year, some were forced to take loans from banks.


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