“Hard times have come again” -  Voice of the People

“Hard times have come again” - Voice of the People

access_time2019-12-09 13:56:17

Georgia’s consumer prices keep growing breaking all-time highs - in the current year prices have  risen by an average of 13.4%.

This affects all categories of the population, but especially those who are on the brink of survival. This is especially evident  in the city outskirts which are not  almost visited by officials and deputies where people have lost hope.

The problems are most noticeable  in the  markets which are visited by the most socially vulnerable citizens.

The market vendors as well as buyers say that the products are sold very poorly due to high prices, and since the 90s hard times have come again.

“Food prices have almost doubled that decreased sales. I have been working in the market for 24 years, but I have never seen such  high prices. Prices began to rise in 2017. Meat price grew to GEL 20, the cheapest cheese - to GEL 12, ” says one of the vendors.

“Last year a kilogram of cheese cost GEL  6-7 , now it’s 12, meat cost 16 now its price rose to GEL 24. Only few people can buy products at such prices. Life was so hard only during the war, in the 90s. The dollar is rising as well as  prices for all goods, ” another vendor  who has worked  on the market for 25 years.


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