Gudauri is hosting a large number of Israeli tourists

Gudauri is hosting a large number of Israeli tourists

access_time2021-04-06 13:44:59

The 2020 winter season in the country’s mountain resorts opened a month ago and will last until April 15. The average hotel occupancy rate in the resorts  is around 50 percent, as they say at  Marco Polo hotel, the resort is visited by an unusually large number of tourists from Israel thanks to the successful process of vaccination in this country.

"The expectations we had in March have more or less justified. There were small numbers of tourists from the Persian Gulf countries and Ukraine. April is expected to be active in this regard due to snowy weather in Gudauri. Then we have nothing to hope for.

In the pre-pandemic period  the  hotels were fully booked for whole summer, now we have only a few bookings. European tourists, as a rule, don’t come to the mountain resorts in the summer, ”Gvantsa Mirzashvili, a representative of the Marco Polo Hotel, notes.

Activity is observed only on weekends, but at 50 percent. There is  much snow, the tracks are well maintained as well as the infrastructure, though the resort is mainly visited by vacationers not tourists. Our revenues can cover only the utility costs, but still it was worth opening. I hope that tourists will come to our resort this summer though  it depends on the resumption of flights, - they say at the hotel.


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