"Government creates unequal conditions in the retail market " - Fresco

access_time2021-05-11 15:20:54

“The Georgian government creates unequal conditions in the country's retail market setting  Carrefour network  in a privileged position.

Unfair competition and lack of transparency in the market also complicate the situation, ” Sofio Kordzakhia, General Director of the company Fresco, says.


According to Kordzakhia, the company has repeatedly said about inequality in the retail market.


“In theory, any company that sells the same goods as we can  be considered to be in competition with our  business but in reality everything is different. There are no equal conditions for everyone in Georgia yet. business is under pressure from a pandemic, various regulations, the national currency’s instability and inflation. Huge organizational, human and financial resources are spent to overcome these circumstances. The situation is aggravated by the lack of transparency in the sector and a single standard, as well as a shortage of qualified, responsible and reliable staff, ”she explains.

Despite all the problems, Fresco continues to expand its network and opens a new supermarket in one of the districts of Tbilisi.


“Over the past years we worked hard to increase the efficiency of the company, and are set to expand the network. Our basic model remains unchanged - we build buildings on our own land, with our money and run  our business. The pandemic has brought with it a new set of challenges but still  we continue to expand and open a new branch in one of the districts of Tbilisi, ” Sopho Kordzakhia notes.


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