Georgia’s  wheat yields increased

Georgia’s wheat yields increased

access_time2021-04-16 17:00:08

According to Sakstat preliminary data, in 2020 wheat production in Georgia amounted to 101,2 tons  that is 0,6% more than in 2019.


In the unison, the production of oats decreased by 13.8% and amounted to 46,100 tons, the corn crop increased by 27% and amounted to 263,000 tons. In addition, potato production increased by 10.8% to 215,700 tons.


In 2020, 180,100 tons of vegetables (excluding potatoes) were grown in the countries that is 11.8% more than in 2019. Fruit production increased by 93.4% and amounted to 101,900 tons.


As of 2020, the plantings of annual crops amounted to 211,300 hectares that is 4.1% more than in 2019. The grape harvest amounted to 318,900 tons that  is 8.5% more than in 2019.


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