Georgia's Subsistence Minimum Decreased

Georgia's Subsistence Minimum Decreased

access_time2020-07-15 16:25:37

According to the National Statistics Office, the annual minimum wage decreased. In June  the living wage  for the able-bodied man is GEL 186.6, which is GEL  3 less compared with May (GEL 189.6).

As for the subsistence minimum in respect of the previous month, the living  wage is reduced by about GEL 2.6 to GEL 165.3.  

The average customer's living  wage was GEL 165.3 in June, which is GEL 2.6 less.

A  living wage for an average family amounted to  GEL 313.0 which is GEL 5 less compared with the  previous month.


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