Georgia’s Partnership Fund no longer owns Tbilisi clinics

Georgia’s Partnership Fund no longer owns Tbilisi clinics

access_time2020-10-12 13:48:59

“We often hear speculation. We emphasize that the Partnership Fund has not owned the clinics for a year. We have transferred Academician Nikoloz Kipshidze Central University Clinic (the so-called Republican Hospital), Tbilisi's Children Inflectional Clinical Hospital . and Universal Medical Center (former National Center for Oncology) to the Ministry. "So, the Fund is not these clinics’ owner," Giorgi Danelia, Deputy Executive Director of the Partnership Fund, says.


In Giorgi Danelia’s words,  the Fund has pumped   amounts in investments into the clinics in recent years.



"We ‘ve poured huge amounts, rehabilitated the Children Inflectional Clinical Hospital , which did not even have windows. The Fund also covered the clinics’ debts as well as paid  compensations. Most importantly, he Partnership Fund found an investor, a very large American company, that pledged  to develop and build multifunctional clinics on the basis of the Republican Hospital. However, later the relevant ministry’s approach was changed and we had to refuse the investor  and returned the clinics to the Ministry of Health, " Giorgi Danelia explains.

The Georgian Partnership  Fund owned three clinics, including the Tbilisi Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital, which was transferred from the state to the Fund in 2015 to develop and attract investment as well as the National Center for Oncology and the so-called Republican Hospital.


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