Georgia’s imports fell  23.5% in October

Georgia’s imports fell 23.5% in October

access_time2020-11-19 15:47:21

Oil products import went down  by $ 204 million from GEL 616 million to GEL 412 million mainly due to  a sharp decline in international oil prices and not a decrease in the imported fuel volume.

Imports of copper concentrates decreased by 47 million, medicines - by 38 million, telephones - by 30 million, gas - by 22 million, and cigarettes - by $ 16 million.


Wheat is the only product in the top 10 which imports have grown by 5.3% mainly not due to import volumes but due to an increase in international grain prices.


In October, imports fell by 23.5% that has been the largest decline since May 2020. In October, exports fell by 2.2%, while in September a 8, 3% growth was observed.



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