Georgia’s demand for cheese drops sharply

Georgia’s demand for cheese drops sharply

access_time2020-03-27 10:05:51

Due to the closure of restaurants and small bakeries with the goal of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the demand for cheese has sharply decreased in Georgia that put many small home-based enterprises on the brink of closing.

“Demand has fallen sharply that has put small businesses on the bank of closing. Milk farmers are also in a difficult situation as natural milk is not in demand because dairy producers refuse to buy it because of the lack of  demand, ” Anna Mikadze- Chikvaidze,  chairwoman of the Georgian Cheese MakersAssociation, says.

Mikadze- Chikvaidze believes if the situation is not resolved in the near future, the country may face very serious problems.

“To mitigate the possible negative impact, farmers should have small refrigeration facilities to store cheese to prevent spoilage. When restaurants and hotels resume their work, there should be an adequate supply of cheese in the country, but if measures are not taken, we’ll face its shortage. Only  small mobile refrigerators with necessary microclimate can keep the product and if everything is done properly, the product can be stored there for about  1 year, ”she notes. 


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