Georgia's car market suffers  deep crisis

Georgia's car market suffers deep crisis

access_time2020-04-06 14:10:52

Due to the state of emergency, quarantine and closed borders, Georgia’s car sales have virtually stopped.

Car dealers believe  the situation will worsen as people  has to choose between everyday necessities and cars and  the vast majority prefers to purchase a car in  the future.

According to the car dealer Irakli Tsertsvadze, the sales will not increase before the crisis ends.

“My company brought 35 cars to Georgia prior to the crisis that can be bought on special sites  in compliance with all procedures and safety standards. But no one calls and comes to see the car. Even those who have money refrain from buying as no one really knows when everything will end, ” the car dealer notes.

In the words of  Stella Kamandarova, marketing manager of  the Autopapa car market, the market has completely stopped, online sales have fallen by 50%.

“We are working in quarantine mode, the market is open for dealers and they can import their cars, but at the same time it is completely stopped. Now we are mainly working  remotely, but online sales have also declined drastically, ”she explains.

Kamandarova  adds that despite car prices have remained unchanged, potential buyers refrain from buying cars in the current  situation, and are try to spend  money on essentials .


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