Georgian Scroll Enters Ukrainian Market

Georgian Scroll Enters Ukrainian Market

access_time2020-10-27 14:43:20


Scroll’s e-scooters have already appeared in Ukraine. At this stage, rental services run only in Kyiv. As the company’s business development director told Business Partner, Scroll e-scooter will appear in other cities of Ukraine in spring 2021.

“Next year we plan to enter other cities too, but our expansion plans deepen on various details, namely, the pandemic situation and mobility”, Daniel Doinitsin noted. We have decided to enter Ukraine based on financial and infrastructural indicators.

At this stage, Scroll employs 10 persons in Ukraine, Daniel Doinitsin noted. “Ukraine was an unemployed market. Bolt has already recently entered the market. There is a favorable infrastructure. This is a big city with numerous residents. Furthermore, the local municipality has big plans for infrastructure development and we decided not to waste time and enter the market”, Daniel Doinitsin said.


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