Georgian khachapuri among  the world's best breads

Georgian khachapuri among the world's best breads

access_time2019-10-18 10:00:21


In a CNN article "The World’s 50 Best Breads " Georgian khachapuri took pride of place thanks to the cooking traditions.

“Bubbling with fresh imeruli and sulguni cheeses, khachapuri might be the country of Georgia's most beloved snack” - the article says.

The savory flatbread starts with soft, yeasted dough that's pinched into a boat-shaped cradle, then baked with a generous filling of egg and cheese. An elongated shape maximizes the contrast in texture, from the tender interior to crisp, brown tips. Khachapuri experts know to break off the ends for swabbing in the rich, oozing filling.

It's such a key feature of Georgian cuisine that the Khachapuri Index is one measure of the country's economic welfare; and in 2019, the country's National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation named traditional khachapuri as UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Georgia.


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