Georgian Dream comments on a fastest growing crime

Georgian Dream comments on a fastest growing crime

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Georgian parliament discussed a criminal situation  in the country last week.  Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior claimed that number of crimes had not increased and the data that proves  it is the result of changes in statistical counting methods.

 Nevertheless, it is obvious that Georgia has not seen such a rampant crime since the 90s. Only in March, shops and branches of banks are robbed not only in the capital, but also in the regions almost every day.

The criminal situation is getting out of and amid  deterioration of the socio-economic situation in the country, responsibility passes to the entire ruling team.

 Georgian Dream MP Alexander Kantaria hopes that the Ministry of the Interior will be able to cope with the problem.

“The authorities are responsible for  everything that happens in the country, I hope that the Ministry of the Interior will be able to solve  the problem of  the criminal situation. Crimes are mostly committed by minors to whom criminal liability does not apply and here we have to find any  alternative, ” the MP notes.

“If we follow the path of “zero tolerance”, a lot of young people will have to go to jail, so we should improve the situation in boarding schools, and create opportunities for the activity of homeless minors.

  “as far as I know,  the Interior Ministry is already working on the issue,” Alexander Kantaria notes.

 The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Social Affairs Otar Zoidze does not see the responsibility of the authorities in this situation saying  that the criminal situation has not  worsened.

 “The statistics we have does not give grounds for claims to the authorities. The mass  media create an illusion of a rising crime in society. While domestic violence and robbery involving minors have increased largely due to improved accounting, ”he explains.

Zoidze believes that  crime has nothing to do with  the social background, as it occurs in developed countries with a very high standard of living.

 “I repeat once again - before the crimes were not registered, but now they are being recorded that has  deteriorated the statistics. The most important thing is that serious crimes do not grow, ” Otar Zoidze notes.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that in 11 months of 2018 the number of crimes increased by 58% compared to the same period in 2017 while the detection rate decreased by 20%.

In January-November 2018, 53,637 crimes were registered, of which only 18,467 or  34% were solved, whereas in the same period in 2017, the number of crimes made 33,931, detection rate -  18,371 or 54%.

In  the reporting period, all types of crimes increased significantly, including 123% against life, 100% against health, 253% against the rights and freedoms of citizens, 61% against family members and minors, 81% against property.

 Theft rate  rose by 86, 5%.


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