Georgian businessman Davit Kemertelidze built ferroalloy plant in Kazakhstan

Georgian businessman Davit Kemertelidze built ferroalloy plant in Kazakhstan

access_time2021-11-30 16:04:20

Georgian businessman Davit (Shmagi) Kemertelidze has carried out another grand project in Kazakhstan, namely a Qaz Carbon ferroalloy plant in the Karaganda region. The factory is equipped with modern technologies and was built in the shortest time, nine months.

The enterprise was built with the financial support of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, which invested 38.8 billion tenge ($ 89 million) in the project, 11 billion tenge ($ 25 million) were allocated from the company’s own funds.

The Qaz Carbon company launched a processing plant producing high-quality low-ash coal on May 11 in the Karaganda region.

The plant’s capacity is 300 tons of coal per hour or two million tons per year. Some 110 new jobs have already been created. 

The enterprise uses the wet enrichment method. The whole process takes place in a closed cycle without chemicals and water clarification pools. This minimizes the impact on the environment, reduces production times and costs, and goes in line with the norms of the new Environmental Code. The production process is fully automated. 

The key suppliers of raw materials are local coal enterprises. The Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant is the main consumer of finished products and the products will also go for exports.

The Qaz Carbon company is also engaged in the production of coke and semi-coke, iron and steel products.


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