Georgian business associations demand  to postpone the

Georgian business associations demand to postpone the "golden list" abolition

access_time2019-06-12 12:25:01

11 business associations address the Finance Minister with a request to postpone for six months the entry into force of the decision to abolish the “golden list” of bona fide importers. Large companies will lose the preferential right to pay import duties within 30 days and will be obliged to pay them within 5 days.

"Amid positive changes aimed at improving the country’s business climate, the government’s decision to abolish the golden list was a surprise for the business community.

We ask  to explain the reasons for the decision, what fiscal effect it will have, and why the decision has been taken without consulting the businessmen,” the statement reads.

The  business associations do not oppose the abolition of the “golden list”, but believe that entrepreneurs need time to adapt and the decision should be delayed for at least six months. 


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