Georgian banks earned GEL 96,620 mln in net profit in September

Georgian banks earned GEL 96,620 mln in net profit in September

access_time2019-10-22 14:26:55

Commercial banks' net profit amounted to GEL 96,620 million in September 2019, which is GEL 13,486 million less than in the previous month and GEL 7,663 million more (+ 125%) compared to the same period of the previous year.

Namely, according to the NBG statistics, the net profit / loss of banks totaled  GEL 88,957 million in September 2018 and 110,106 million in August 2019.

As for the annual figure, the profit of commercial banks in January-September 2019 equaled GEL 650,173 million, while in the first 9 months of 2018 - GEL 602,339 million.

At the same time, in September the banks' revenues amounted to GEL 380,552 million,  expenses amounted to GEL 273,615 million. revenues received by  commercial banks from fines / penalties in September 2019 amounted to GEL 5,379 million; the net profit / loss from conversion operations, ie currency  transactions, amounted to GEL 49,073 million. However, in the previous month banks received GEL 34,237 million from commissions and services. According to National Bank, banks paid GEL 10,323 million in  profit tax in August.

Last year net profit of commercial banks amounted to GEL 914,718,028.


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