Georgian banks earned GEL 80,297 mln in April

Georgian banks earned GEL 80,297 mln in April

access_time2020-05-20 16:00:13

15 commercial banks' net profit amounted to GEL 80,297 million in April 2020, which is GEL 16,101 million more compared to the same period of the previous year.

Revenues received by  commercial banks from fines / penalties amounted to GEL 308 thousand; the net profit / loss from conversion operations, ie currency  transactions, amounted to GEL 113,268 million. It’s worth mentioning that the banks received GEL 11,581 million from commissions and services. According to National Bank, banks paid GEL 21,032 million in  profit tax in December.

According to the National Bank, in April 2020 banks' revenues amounted to GEL 352,422 million, of which interest income was GEL 304,133 million, and bank expenditures amounted to GEL 266,702 million.

Recall  that in March, the net loss of 15 commercial banks  totaled  GEL 943 million, and the operating profit of the first quarter amounted to GEL 386 million.


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