GEORGIAN AIRWAYS not increases the number of flights

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS not increases the number of flights

access_time2021-04-13 15:25:13

The Georgian airline GEORGIAN AIRWAYS is not set to increase the number of flights in the near future due to the pandemic restrictions.


According to the airline CEO Roman Bakuradze, the carrier’s aircrafts performs flights in five directions.


“We are operating flights to Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and Tel Aviv. We are ready to increase the number of flights, but everything  depends on when the third wave of the pandemic ends. As soon as the epidemiological situation improves globally, the host countries and their airports will be more open. Given  the current restrictions, the number of passengers is not enough  to add new flights ,” he notes.


Roman Bakuradze adds that foreign citizens show interest in Georgia tourist destination but many refrained from traveling due to the pandemic.


“Many people want to come to Georgia that should be promoted in every possible way. We are ready to soften the procedures but this cannot be done only in the aviation. Easing of regulations should apply to everyone, first of all, hotels and restaurants,” the head of the airline concludes.


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