Georgia to change the methodology for calculating unemployment rate

Georgia to change the methodology for calculating unemployment rate

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At the end of 2020, the National Statistical Office will provide the unemployment statistics using  the new method, Gogita Todradze, executive director of the National Statistics Service of Georgia 'Sakstat, says noting that it will  significantly  change the official unemployment rate.

“It is very important to define who will be  considered unemployed. Today an unemployed person is a citizen over 15 years old  who at the time of the survey did not work a single hour for at least a week but is looking for work, and is ready to start working within two weeks if there is such a chance. According to this method, the unemployment rate in Georgia is 12.7%,” he says.


In Gogita Todradze’s words, 3 million people of working age currently live in Georgia which includes  two categories - the economically active population or  labor force (1, 940 million people) and the rest 1, 090 million.

 “The economically active population includes both  the employed and the unemployed. In turn, the employed are divided into contract employees and self-employed-  taxi drivers, farmers, merchants, etc. Currently, the number of employed totals 1.7 million people, unemployed - 245,000 that is 12.7% of the active population, ” Todradze notes.

The Statistical Office  is primarily interested in  changing the methodology.

“International standards changed in October 2018. According to the  new methodology,  those who grow food mainly on their own land for their own use will not be considered employed. Today they are considered employed, while according to the new methodology they will be included  into the category of unemployed. It’s clear that this norm will increase both the number of unemployed and unemployment rate, ”Gogita Todradze says.


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