Georgia exported gold worth $81.5 million

Georgia exported gold worth $81.5 million

access_time2023-02-03 14:40:27

Georgia exported 2.68 tons of gold in 2022. According to the National Statistics Office, gold exports have increased by 27%. In 2022, the country exported gold worth $81,476.70 thousand (unprocessed or semi-processed or gold powder).

In 2021, 2.11 tons of gold in the amount of $64,220.32 thousand were exported from Georgia.

Statistics show that in the last 14 years, the largest amount of gold was exported from Georgia in 2010-2011, 7.19 and 7.11 tons, respectively.

Switzerland accounted for 95% of gold exports in 2022. In the reporting period, 2.55 tons of gold worth $76,489.90 thousand were exported from Georgia to Switzerland.

In 2022, gold exports were carried out to Germany (0.07 tons), the United Arab Emirates (0.03 tons) and Turkey (0.03).


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