Georgia bought 1 billion kWh of electricity for occupied Abkhazia in 2021

Georgia bought 1 billion kWh of electricity for occupied Abkhazia in 2021

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In 2021, Georgia’s electricity generation increased by 13.3% to 12.645 billion kWh, consumption- by 13.1% to 13.753 billion kWh. Imports exceeded 2 billion kWh for the first time in the history of independent Georgia, of which 1 billion kWh was consumed in occupied Abkhazia- the Electricity Market Operator (ESCO) reports.

In 2021, Georgia didn’t put into operation any large HPP and didn’t build a new thermal power plant due to better productivity climatic conditions and the Enguri HPP rehabilitation. If in 2020 the Enguri HPP generated a total of 2.7 billion kWh, in 2021 power generation increased by 29.6% to 3.5 billion kWh despite a three-month shutdown. However, this does not mean that the all HPPs capacity will increase by the same amount after the rehabilitation as seasonality should also be taken into account. In 2020, Zhinvali HPP generated a total of 206 million kWh, and in 2021 46.6% more - 302 million kWh without being rehabilitated. 18 seasonal (reservoir) HPPs generated 3.5 billion kWh in 2020, in 2021 - 14.3% more - 4 billion kWh.

The total generation of small capacity HPPs (up to 13 MW) increased from 640 to 842 million kWh.

Although in 2020 more generation facilities operated in the country compared to 2010 such as Darial HPP, Paravani HPP, Larsi HPP, Shuakhevi HPP, Mestiachala HPP ... in 2010, due to the better climatic conditions, HPPs generated a total of 9.375 billion kWh, in 2020 that was the worst in terms of weather conditions - 8.248 billion kWh, in 2021 - 10.182 billion kWh.

Thermal power plant output reduced by 440 million kWh to 2.380 billion kWh in 2021 compared to 2020. The generation of the Kartli wind power plant decreased by 8 million kWh to 83 million kWh, but since its share in total output is less than 0.7%, this decline did not significantly affect the balance.

Consumption increased the most, namely by 15.8%, and stood at 2.956 billion kWh in occupied Abkhazia, given that a fact that last year Abkhazia got electricity from Russia. Consumption in the region exceeded 3 billion kWh that is an incredibly high rate. Consumption in Abkhazia exceeds that of Switzerland and Luxembourg per capita that is caused by very high losses and cryptomining.

Apart from the occupied Abkhazia, consumption increased by 1.2 billion kWh in the rest of Georgia. Along with even slow economic growth , further growth in the country’s power consumption is inevitable thereby increasing Georgia's dependence on neighboring countries, including Russia if new generation facilities are launched.

In 2021, electricity exports increased by 234 million kWh to 391 million kWh, but in absolute terms imports growth was much more scaling. In 2021, Georgia imported 2.006 billion kWh more electricity (394 million kWh) than in 2020, including 1.245 billion kWh from Russia, of which 993 million kWh was consumed in the occupied Abkhazia. In January-November, Georgia's electricity imports cost more than $ 41 million.


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