Gambling Association: Ban on gambling advertising will harm media outlets

Gambling Association: Ban on gambling advertising will harm media outlets

access_time2021-11-26 14:05:44

The initiative to ban online gambling-related advertisements at the first stage and a complete ban in the long term may cause the closure of some independent media depending on online gambling advertising - the head of the Georgian Gambling Association Giorgi Mamulaishvili says.


According to Mamulaishvili, many businesses and companies are related to the gambling industry such as advertising companies, media, sports programs, banks, financial institutions.


“Many people have a negative attitude towards gambling, but this is not a reason to ban it. We’ll hail justified and reasonable regulations, we are ready for dialogue and any consultations," he says.


Mamulaishvili believes that the media, namely sports programs, will suffer most from the ban on online gambling.


“Sports programs are funded by gambling advertising, moreover, sports channels, for example, Setanta and several others, depend much more on gambling advertising,” Giorgi Mamulaishvili notes.


He adds that gambling companies have shown social responsibility in the past two years by abandoning outdoor advertising, so no one can accuse them of promoting gambling in the vicinity of schools and educational institutions.


The head of the Association expresses concern that this decision can call into question foreign investments into the gambling business.


“Large companies pouring money into the gambling business are very sensitive to any steps by the state, including regulations and restrictions. Investors may lose interest in investing in Georgia. Over the past three years, large foreign investments have been made in the gambling sector. In 2018, in total GEL 71 million profit was reinvested in the business development, in 2019 - 30 million, in 2020 - more than GEL 32 million, ” the head of the Gambling Business Association explains.


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