Galt & Taggart: In 2019 power  deficit will hit historic high

Galt & Taggart: In 2019 power deficit will hit historic high

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In 2019, Georgia’s power  deficit will reach a record high - Galt & Taggart study says.

According to the report, energy consumption grew less than expected - only by 2%, while  electricity generation at hydroelectric power plants was down by 9.7% due to climatic conditions that  significantly increased energy shortages. Despite the low growth in consumption, the deficit has grown by 80, 5% and $29.6 million and by the end of the year this figure is expected to double. 

“As of 8 months of 2019, electricity exports amounted to 0.2 TWh, which is 59% less than in the same period of 2018, imports totaled  0, 8 TWh, which is 20% more than in the same period of 2018 . A power deficit amounted to 0.6 TWh. It’s worth mentioning that for the first time in many years electricity imports were carried out in July while  as a rule, July was always an export month, ”the report says.

According to the study, electricity will not be exported until the end of the year as a result of which,  the power shortage will reach a historic high of 1, 4 TWh.

In  8 months exports fell by 50% and amounted to only 2.6% of total energy consumption. Turkey accounts for 47% of the total exports, Armenia - 25%, Russia-  24%  and Azerbaijan-  4%.

The decline in exports is directly associated with  the increase in consumption and the deficit in the local energy market as  consumption is growing much faster than electricity production.

At the same time, the cost of exported electricity increased by 15.7% due to the diversification of energy markets.

Georgia’s Ministry of Economy forecasts that the import of electricity will amount to 1.6 TWh by the end of the year, which is 9% more than in 2018.

A sharp increase in imports by 212.8% in 2017 was caused by a two-week shutdown of the Enguri HPP for repairs, in 2018 imports increased because of  an increase in consumption, and in 2019 an increase was cause by  a reduction in energy generation due to bad weather conditions.

According to the Ministry,  imbalances between production and consumption of electricity are growing in Georgia, if new power plants are not built, the country's dependence on imports from Russia and Azerbaijan will grow annually.


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