Fresco founder makes accusations against the authorities

Fresco founder makes accusations against the authorities

access_time2019-04-17 08:00:28

“I cannot explain to co-investors and partners why  litigation with the tax service still continues,” the company founder Vasily Sopromadze said in his video address to the head of the ruling party, in fact, the  first person of the country billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili.

According to him, he familiarized with Ivanishvili’s statement, in which he expresses his bewilderment because the Georgian citizens put the  responsibility on the current government for the difficult economic situation in the country.

“My company does everything to attract investment to Georgia over the past 7 years. We have created thousands of jobs, contributed tens of millions to the budget. How should we develop the business when one of the vice-mayors demanded that we buy his relative’s land plot to build our  next hypermarket? Is it development, and this is what you have done for the country's economy? ”  the businessman asks.

Vasily Sopromadze believes that the government must first of all assess its actions against the business and then make far-reaching statements.


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