First tourist route launched at the Enguri River Dam

First tourist route launched at the Enguri River Dam

access_time2021-12-01 16:00:57

The first tourist route was opened at the Enguri River Arch Dam, the second tallest concrete arch dam in the world with a height of 271.5 meters.

On the tourist route, which will be guided by a professional guide, visitors will be able to visit sections of the arched dam of particular interest that were previously inaccessible to visitors ”. LLC  Enguri attractions, which project implementation has started Enguri Arch Dam – World-class attraction, reports.

During the two-hour route, visitors will be able to see:

  • Dam Bridge (the panoramic view)
  • The building of circular shields
  • Tunnel 315 (the perimeter tunnel)
  • The resting place
  • The building of the shields of the dam

Tourist route of the Enguri dam. Image: Enguri attractions.

Visitors will also learn about the special features of the arched dam layout and the main aspects of power generation using hydrogen resources.

The Enguri Dam tour is available every day except Monday from 11:00 to 05:00, the price of which ranges from 5 to 20 GEL.

The arched dam of the Enguri Hydroelectric Power Station represents one of the country’s most distinguished cultural heritage sites, jointly operated by Georgia and Russian-occupied Abkhazia, as it is located on the Enguri River, which separates the two areas.

Construction of the Enguri dam began in 1961 and at the time was unprecedented for its scale and ambition.


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