Facebook says its staff can continue working from home after the pandemic

Facebook says its staff can continue working from home after the pandemic

access_time2021-04-21 10:54:57

Facebook on Sunday recommitted to letting staff work from home after the coronavirus pandemic.

Brynn Harrington, vice president of Facebook's HR team, told the BBC that some employees have been "really thriving" at home during the pandemic and want to continue working remotely.

"For example, parents who are closer to their children and are happy to cut their commute time and optimize their work day, they're thrilled to work from home," she said.

Staff can apply to their managers for permanent remote working, Harrington added.

Facebook first announced long-term remote work for employees in May 2020, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he expected 50% of the company's workforce to be entirely remote within the next decade.

Facebook is planning to reopen its Silicon Valley offices in May at a maximum of 10% capacity, according to a Bloomberg report. Workers would be required to wear face masks, social distance, and in some cases, get tested weekly for the virus, the report said.

Facebook is not the only tech giant adopting a long-term work-from home policy. Twitter was one of the first social media companies to tell employees that they could work from home indefinitely, for example.

Microsoft also announced in October it was giving employees the choice whether to work from home or the office. They're only allowed to work remotely for less than half of their hours on average — if they wanted to work remotely for longer, they will have to speak to their manager, Microsoft said.


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