Exports of Georgian almonds to the United States  might increase

Exports of Georgian almonds to the United States might increase

access_time2021-07-14 16:20:43

This season almond harvest in the United States will significantly reduce that  may increase the export of the product from Georgia to the United States.

The main factor that can prevent the exports is the lack of a high-quality harvest and the skills for growing this rare for Georgia product.

Currently, the US is the dominant producer of almonds in the world producing 2,002,742 tons annually. California is the primary producing region.

The business had rather positive expectations about the current season - the harvest was expected to grow by 3% compared to 2019-2020.

According to the updated forecast, this year almond harvest will reduce by 10% compared with 2019-2020 and will amount to 1.27 million tons. The decline in crops was caused by wildfires in California that will decrease plantation yields by 18%.

The researchers say that this summer is the driest in the past 127 years.

also accounts for a third of US vegetables and two-thirds of fruits.

The state of California supplies more than one third of all vegetables and two-thirds of the fruits and nuts in the U.S. At the same time, 85% of the state's arable land is located in drought-prone areas.


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