Exclusive: A historic agro market to be restored in old Tbilisi

Exclusive: A historic agro market to be restored in old Tbilisi

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A multifunctional agro- trade center will be arranged on the territory of the former collective farm market (Kolmeurneoba Square). As "Commersant" found out, the project includes a food court on the first and second floors with shopping pavilions located in one space, on the terraces on the third and fourth floors will be an eating  area without fixed seats.

 The explanatory note posted on the architecture website says that such objects operate successfully in many European cities in the area of ​​old markets. Given the function, history and location of the building, the facility will be interesting for both Tbilisians and tourists. The facades and decorative elements of the building will be restored and painted.

The building was built in the 40s of the twentieth century. During the Soviet period, it housed a collective farm market and later a shopping center. The building has three levels, currently the lower floor includes the Carrefour supermarket ​​which area remains unchanged. The upper level, which combines a floor and a mezzanine in one space, is left dysfunctional. Reconstruction of the building does not change the size and height of the building.

The building is owned by JSC Georgian Trade Center, whose director is Tata Sakhelashvili. In Sakhelashvili’s words, Georgian Trade Center only rents the space and declines to comment further.

A historical-architectural study prepared by art historian  Lali Andronikashvili confirms that  the arrangement of the agro-trade center on the territory of the former collective farm market. The document states that the building will be   adapted to accommodate a high-class  trade  center. European practice shows that turning of the historical markets into multifunctional agrarian hubs boosts  both economic and cultural development.


 The document reads that the building is not registered  as a cultural heritage site, however it has  the architectural stylistics of the Soviet era.

 According to the document, in 1887 there were four most famous markets in Tbilisi - Avlabari, ‘Rusi’s,’ also known as ‘Saldati’s bazaar’, in Kolmeurneoba Square, "Tatri’s  Bazaar" and "Veris Bazaar".


A historical study says  that during the Soviet era, a large two-storey building built in the traditional area was called the "collective farm market".


Lali Andronikashvili believes  that the restoration of the traditional market on the territory of the rehabilitated Orbeliani Street in the historical part of Tbilisi is especially attractive for the locals and tourists.


It’s worth mentioning  that such agro markets are very popular in tourist megacities such as Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul.


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