Europe rejects thousands of Georgian asylum seekers

Europe rejects thousands of Georgian asylum seekers

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A visa-free travel between Georgia and  the European Union has entered into force on March 28, 2016. Over the past 3 years 600,000 citizens of Georgia have enjoyed it but, as expected, problems also  arisen.

A  representative of Georgia in the EU Natalia Sabanadze says that some countries are concerned about the increase in the number of asylum requests by Georgian citizens – including  Germany, France and Sweden.

 “Georgia is considered a safe country and  at least 99% of requests for asylum are rejected. Georgia was officially recognized safe by Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Iceland, France, Holland, and Germany will do it in the near future. There are no political persecutions in Georgia, torture in prisons, basic human rights are protected and  there are no reasons for seeking asylum. The economic situation and unemployment are not considered  by the European Union as sufficient reasons for political asylum, ”she says.

According to EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations  Johannes Hahn, Georgian citizens have no chance of obtaining asylum in Europe.

“Asylum requests are groundless. All citizens of Georgia should understand that they will not be able to get asylum, since Georgia is a safe country, otherwise it wouldn’t have been granted  a visa-free travel with the EU, ”he said.

The number of asylum requests in the EU increased by 21% in January 2019  compared with December 2018,  and by 9% more than in January 2018 and amounted to 58,609. Georgia is ranked 9th and is included in the top ten countries. Ahead of Georgia are Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Albania and Venezuela. The tenth  is  Nigeria.


As of January, the number of Georgian citizens seeking refuge in the EU made 2,412, in  2018 - 17,890.


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