Energy generation up in April

Energy generation up in April

access_time2022-05-18 10:30:20

In April 202 2 energy generation increased by 36% and amounted to 1.1 billion kWh compared to the same period in 2021 while consumption increased by 10% and amounted to GEL 1.1 billion, the Electricity System  Commercial Operator “ ESCO reports.

Generation increased due to an increase in the productivity of the Inguri HPP. Last January repairs began on the power plant
which was brought to a standstill until April, the HPP generated only 24 million kWh, while this year the power generation increased 10- fold and stood at 253 million kWh.

The power generation also depends on climatic conditions and the level of water in rivers, which is why the same power plant in different years at the same time can produce different amounts of energy. In April 2022, other hydroelectric power plants, with the exception of Enguri, generated 143 million kWh against 124 million kWh in the same period of 2021.

Seasonal HPPs generated 496 million kWh of energy last April while in the current year - 572 million kWh. The generation of small hydropower plants stood at 115 million kWh, in April 2021- 106 million kWh.

The growth in hydroelectric power generation has significantly reduced the need for more expensive energy produced by thermal power plants, as a result, their production decreased from 65 to 35 million kWh.

The growth in power generation caused a significant cuts in imports - from 260 to 70 million kWh. Russia leads in the total imports - the energy was mainly supplied to occupied Abkhazia.

In May, Georgia starts exporting electricity, as a rule, no data are available so far. As for transit, in April 139 million kWh of electricity were exported through the country from Russia to Turkey.


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