Economic Benefits of Cannabis Cultivation - US, Morocco and Afghanistan are the largest marijuana producers

Economic Benefits of Cannabis Cultivation - US, Morocco and Afghanistan are the largest marijuana producers

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After the consumption of marijuana was legalized in Georgia, the government of the country considers starting the production of this drug primarily for export.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already prepared a bill, which was discussed at a meeting of the political council of the ruling party, and will soon be submitted to the government for consideration.

 It is expected that special licenses for the cannabis cultivation will be issued, but its selling in the country will be banned - the initiators and supporters of the bill emphasize that it will be  only export products that will be officially sold abroad for medicinal  purposes.

The issue is under discussion and most likely the decision-making process, will be long.  The experience of other countries that produce cannabis and for which this industry is an integral part of the economy will be considered.

In Britain, marijuana consumption is prohibited except for medical reasons. According to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) , in 2016 95 tons of cannabis were grown in the country for medical and scientific purposes, of which  21 tons were exported.

Among legal marijuana producers there are other respectable countries such as  Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, etc.

According to the Health Poverty Action, the legalization of cannabis production brings Britain 1- 3.5 billion pounds annually, while hash consumption in the country is quite high - 47% of Britons are in favor of a complete legalization. In case of full legalization, the British government will save 291 million pounds a year which are spent on police measures against growing and consumption of marijuana.


The UN annually conducts drug research, including the cultivation of marijuana. Taking into account that in most countries the production of marijuana is illegal, it is difficult to determine the world leader in this industry.

The USA leads among the largest manufacturers of cannabis such as Morocco, Mexico, Afghanistan and other countries. The United States earns the biggest profit selling marijuana where in 9 states the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is legalized both for medical purposes and for any other purposes - Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

Wall Street analysts say  that in the next 10 years the legal marijuana market of the United States will grow by 17% and will reach $ 47 billion and  overtake such segments as alcohol (58 billion per year). the beer industry will top with $ 117 billion, the tobacco market - $ 77 billion and winemaking - $ 65 billion per year.


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