Development companies are facing new challenges

Development companies are facing new challenges

access_time2020-03-24 10:00:32

Despite the state of emergency, the country's economic activity continues – development  companies and infrastructure work did not fall under the ban. The construction companies continue operating but are facing new challenges that are not related to quarantine and bans.

 Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, DGD Group built 5 hotels with a total investment value of $ 18 million. The company Director Bezhan Tsakadze believes that most likely the projects will not be finished due to economic problems, despite the country doesn’t face  shortage of building materials.

“We buy reinforcement, cement and blocks without and  work as usual, in any case, our suppliers did not inform  us about any interruptions. The problem is that it makes no sense to build something. We have two hotels that can operate  but they are closed, ” he says.

Archi company continues to work in the usual mode and is involved in some projects.  the construction work is carried out by contractors, and they have not yet said about  any difficulties in the work.

“We will work until our activity is not banned by the government. In the  current situation, we will take all the sanitary measures to combat the coronavirus, and will demand this from our contractors, ”the company says.

Orion Group also does not complain about the shortage of building materials which continues to carry out  the ongoing projects.

“The situation in the country will definitely affect sales and customers are constantly calling us even now, ” the company CEO Irakli Nizharadze notes.

The company Iverioni temporarily suspended two projects. In the words of the company founder Archil Jakeli, construction will be resumed after the crisis.

“The  construction has been suspended for security reasons. As soon as the situation is improved, we will immediately resume work, ”he explains.


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