Demand for wooden housing increased in Georgia amid pandemic

Demand for wooden housing increased in Georgia amid pandemic

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According to the administrative manager of Oda House Mariam Gugutsadze, before the pandemic began, the houses produced by the company had not been as popular as they are now.

“The demand for wooden housing is growing, we receive orders from almost all of Georgia, our houses are installed everywhere - in Tbilisi suburbs and mountainous regions. People began to realize  that a wooden house is no worse than made of concrete and  they are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. our houses have become especially popular over the past year. During the pandemic, many moved to the countryside,” she says.

Gugutsadze  notes that before  wooden cottages were mainly used for tourist purposes, and now people order wooden houses to live in.

Oda House imports timber from Russia, there were short supply interruptions caused by the pandemic but they did not negatively affect  the company.

“Timber price rose by 300%, but we cannot increase prices proportionally as in this case no one will buy our houses. We’ve managed to balance the value of homes by reducing our profits. Currently the average cost per square metre for a house is $ 350," - Mariam Gugutsadze says.

The average home building process takes approximately  21- 60 days depending on the area and complexity of the project. The company employs 50 people.


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