Demand for beauty services  dropped dramatically

Demand for beauty services dropped dramatically

access_time2021-10-06 15:20:59

The pandemic has dealt a major blow to the beauty salon industry-  demand has dropped significantly, salon costs have risen forcing them to struggle to stay afloat.


According to the Crystal beauty salon, demand fell by almost 90% that means its bankruptcy.


“We are going through  hard times and have to work in compliance with all safety standards, but the number of clients  has decreased by 90%. At the same time we were forced to cut  the staff. At first, we had to spend a lot on the epidemiological safety measures but gradually the situation stabilized,”- the  beauty salon manager  Nato Shakaridze says.


Irma Saralidze, the manager of "Diamond" beauty salon, notes that the demand decreased by only 30% thanks to the fact that t prices for services were not hiked.


“People try to avoid entering the beauty salon and come here only if absolutely necessary. Apart from that, the purchasing power of the population has decreased and most of our clients refrain from expensive and unnecessary services, ”she notes. 


During  the pandemic, many beauty salons have switched  to working  on call.

In the words of the manager of Beauty Express salon Nona Zhamierashvili, clients receive services at a salon and they also work on call, but despite the difficult situation in both segments, it is still afloat.

“Demand has decreased, until the pandemic is completely over, the situation in beauty salons will not improve, ”she points out.


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