Demand and price of fish surge dramatically in Georgia - Sopho Diasamidze

Demand and price of fish surge dramatically in Georgia - Sopho Diasamidze

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"Due to the busy season, demand for fish was quite high this year, we ran out of all the resources we had, the price was very high and 250 grams of trout cost  GEL 22," – Sopho Diasamidze, an expert in trout fishing and the founder of trout fish farming  in Adjara, told "Commersant". In her words,  fish imports hit record high and stood at  99% this year.

“We also has an incubation workshop, this year the potential in this sector was seen and many decided to develop their own production. As for the price, I think that it will not remain so high but will not come down so much that the sector will suffer losses, this year high prices were caused  by the product shortages", - Sopho Diasamidze notes.

According to Diasamidze, fish feed represents 70% of  fish farmers' production costs, which is not produced in Georgia  and the  sector is fully dependent on imported feed. Diasamidze adds that the price of one container of fish has significantly risen in the global market.

“If during the pandemic one  container of imported fish feed cost 20,000 euros, now it has increased to 32,000 euros, high feed price is the problem that has not yet been solved. We do not have local production and there is no one to blame for this as  Georgia has not such fish  potential to start food production. Fish feed is imported from Poland, Italy, Germany.

 I wish it were peace in the world and people wouldn't have to come to Georgia as refugees, but still many Ukrainians have arrived in our country that increased demand for the product, their interest in fish is higher than ours, that affected fish consumption," Sopho Diasamidze explains.

According to her, the local production meets only 3.5% of the total fish consumption. She believes that Georgia has the potential to increase production and reduce fish imports by 40% in 5-6 years.

According to the National Statistics Office, the largest share in GDP by activity is held by Trade (16.5 percent) and Manufacturing (10.9 percent), followed by Real estate activities (10.0 percent), Agriculture, forestry and fishing (8.3 percent), Construction (7.6 percent), Transportation and storage (6.5 percent), Public administration (6.0 percent), Arts, entertainment and recreation (4.8 percent).


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