Covid drug can cure  severe patients in Israel

Covid drug can cure severe patients in Israel

access_time2021-08-11 15:51:57

In a trial at Rambam Hospital, severely ill patients treated with the company's stem-cell based product MesenCure showed significant improvement.

Covid-19 is resurgent, there is no prospect in sight of it disappearing, and companies developing products to treat it are again attracting attention. Today, Israeli biotech company Bonus BioGroup (TASE: BONS) reported further results of a clinical trial of its MesenCure product, produced from stem cells, for the treatment of severe cases of Covid-19.

Like many treatments currently under development for Covid-19,. Bonus BioGroup's product works on the hyper-inflammation mechanism in which, in late stages of the disease, the immune system becomes out of control (cytokine storm) and causes worse damage than the virus itself.

The trial, which was carried out at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, comprised ten patients. It found improvement in several health parameters the first time the treatment was administered, and further improvement as treatment continued.

The trial did not include a control group, but the parameters of each patient after treatment were compared with their highest readings. The results show that the level of inflammatory protein CRP in the patients' blood fell by 29-34%, the level of the enzyme creatinine kinase fell by 20-22%. Similar results were obtained for levels of other substances excessive levels of which in the blood indicate a severe case of Covid-19. In addition, radiographs showed a decrease in the area of diffuse lung inflammation in patients treated with MesenCure.

The company reports a significant improvement in respiratory function, a measured by the level of oxygen in the blood, one of the most important parameters for measuring the severity of Covid-109.

The company is now embarking on a trial of 50 additional patients.

Bonus BioGroup was founded by Dr. Shai Meretzki, who also founded Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.). The company deals in stem cell therapies and tissue engineering. In normal times it focuses on bone regeneration, but is currently giving its Covid-19 treatment priority in clinical trials.


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