Construction sector amnesty plan temporarily postponed

Construction sector amnesty plan temporarily postponed

access_time2021-03-22 14:05:04


The construction sector amnesty announced by the Tbilisi City Hall has been postponed.


According to  Chairman of the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Maya Bitadze, the technical details of the bill are currently being discussed to resume construction projects that have been stopped for many years.


“It will take some time to clarify the details, for this purpose  the project was postponed for a maximum of a month. In the next 10 days, we hope to agree on positions to have maximally  effective law, ”she said.


The authors of the bill talk about  a one-time measure aimed at solving the long-standing problem of unfinished building  projects, which create problems for both developers and citizens who paid  part of the flat’s cost still during the construction stage, but still cannot get housing.


The measures proposed in the document will allow to resume the  construction and commissioning of such projects.


It is also planned to facilitate the procedures for commissioning  already finished buildings that do not comply with all accepted norms and regulations, but violations are not associated with a risk to the life and health of citizens.


The draft law includes  exemption from criminal liability for violations of norms related to construction and accrued fines.


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