Construction industry demands restoration of the Ministry of Construction

Construction industry demands restoration of the Ministry of Construction

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Representatives of the construction industry are raising the question of restoration of  the abolished Ministry of Construction.


They believe that  after the Ministry had been abolished, obtaining a building permit became too easy.


According to the founder of Builders League Anzor Sakandelidze, the government should restore the Ministry in a timely manner, otherwise, tragedies like the one that happened in Batumi will  take place in the future.


“The abolition of the Ministry of Construction was a big mistake made by Mikhail Saakashvili’s government. Viktor Yushchenko did the same in Ukraine when he came to power, but the Ukrainians had enough sense to restore the Ministry. 17 years have passed, but this issue has not been resolved in Georgia yet, ”he notes.


In Sakandelidze’s words, construction companies often  pay money and receive a construction permit not thinking about safety.


He adds until the Ministry is restored, the population in cities with active construction, primarily this concerns  Tbilisi, won’t be safe.


Irakli Rostomashvili, the head of the Georgian Association of Developers, also believes  it necessary to restore the Ministry of Construction.


“The Ministry’s restoration is a belated step, but better late than never. In Georgia, the construction industry accounts for a significant share of GDP and employs tens of thousands of people. If this is not done now, tragedies like the Batumi one will  repeat again, ”he says.


Rostomashvili considers the emergency housing as the greatest threat to the cities, first of all to the capital.


“There are thousands of emergency housing in Georgia, if we do not  get the building up to code, in a few years we will face a real catastrophe,” the head of the Developers Association points out.


The Ministry of Construction was abolished in 2004 after Saakashvili came to power due to high corruption and the lack of any specific benefit from its functioning.


Currently, the Construction Ministry’s building houses the central office of Bank of Georgia.


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