Children's entertainment centers are in deep crisis

Children's entertainment centers are in deep crisis

access_time2020-07-14 17:02:27

Children's entertainment centers, which were closed at the beginning of quarantine, still cannot resume work, and the dates for their opening are not known.


At this stage, various public events, including for children, can be  held only in  the open air but the norm does not apply to enclosed public spaces.


A business that has been stopped for several months due to the COVID-19 outbreak  is awaiting a government decision.


According to Dejavino children's party center, the business is going through hard times but hopes that they hope that will be allowed to work from September.


They say that everything is ready to start work - deobarriers, disinfectant liquids, facemasks, etc.


Children's entertainment centers are waiting for the autumn, but quarantine has seriously harmed the business and some of them were forced to transfer their property to banks in order to repay loans.


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