CHECK IN TRAVEL: Government hinders attracting tourists from India

CHECK IN TRAVEL: Government hinders attracting tourists from India

access_time2019-07-15 13:01:43

“We don’t know why the Georgian authorities hinder bringing  tourists from India. Nobody explains to us. Neither agencies working in India and the Middle East, nor the tourists understand why they are insulted on the Georgian border. They leave Georgia humiliated and do not even want to arrive here agian, ” Ia Gedevanishvili, director at  CHECK IN TRAVEL, says.

Gedevanishvili   finds no explanation why  the citizens of these countries get  online visas but  are not allowed into the country.

“We bring  a certain number of tourists from the countries whose citizens don’t  want to come to Georgia. Here the state should support  us and simplify procedures especially in the current situation when the country is losing hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists, ”she said.

Ia Gedevanishvili believes if the problems are solved, the number of tourists from India and the Middle East countries might  increase by 50-70% even this month as  the Indians are not Europeans, they do not plan tours in advance and can make decisions very quickly.

“We’ve already had a group of 230 people from India who are ready to come, but they need guarantees that they will be allowed into the country. We have no reasonable arguments  why our authorities do not want to solve the  problem,” she notes.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, in 3 months of 2019 a total of  1 198 Indian citizens were not allowed into Georgia.


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