Caviar Production to be Launched in Georgia

Caviar Production to be Launched in Georgia

access_time2020-01-22 10:00:20

Georgian company is set to produce about 100 kilograms of trout caviar by spring 2020, the company co-founder Alexander Dadianidze says.

The company introduced the roe of its production in 2011.

“We have waited for this harvest for 10 years. Caviar production is a very complicated process that requires huge investments. However, we expect to receive about 100 kilograms of caviar by spring 2020”, Georgian Roe co-funder notes.

Recall  that Georgian Roe company has owned two fish farms in Gori district for 17 years. The company produces about 2 tons of roe per year. The company has invested more than GEL 3.8 million in the production and employs 60 persons.


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