Casinos started  thinking of creating an online space

Casinos started thinking of creating an online space

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During quarantine, most gambling establishments in Georgia has stopped operating  and were left  without sources of income. This is especially concerns  those that operate in real space, and not online.


Despite the difficult financial situation, the gambling business managed to retain staff, but since the sector doesn’t enjoy various benefits and is not included in the anti-crisis plan, the gambling business only hopes for the reopening of the economy.


According to the manager of the Shangri La casino Maria Lysenko, the company has retained the staff and is waiting for the resumption of work.


Since March 16, all casinos have been  closed. We do not work online and are left  completely without sources of income. Now we are waiting for new regulations to learn the conditions we can resume our work. Tentatively, we will open no earlier than July 6, and will have to go through a very difficult period. Gambling establishments were included in the last stage of the reopening of the economy as it is very difficult to be regulated : social  distancing in a casino is a tough task that requires a lot of preparation,”she explains.


In Maria Lysenko’s words,  given the specifics of the casino, one  can’t enter there not only in a mask, but even in a hat that makes it complicated to follow the Health Ministry’s recommendations.


The manager of the Iveria casino Keti Kutateladze, says that due to losses, the company  is set to start working online.


“We don’t yet know when and under what conditions we can start working. It is clear that wearing masks, keeping social  distance and using disinfectants will be mandatory. Now we are waiting for regulations to know exactly the prerequisites for the restoration of work, "she notes.


Kutateladze believes that the gambling establishments that do not work online are in the most difficult situation as they are  left without any revenues, and the creation of an online service is a complex and lengthy process, which can be thought of only later.


“In such  a difficult period, we managed to retain staff and still pay salaries to employees until the work is resumed. By doing this our company tries not to lose very important and qualified personnel, " the manager of the Iveria casino points out.


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