Car re-exports from Georgia to Armenia stopped

Car re-exports from Georgia to Armenia stopped

access_time2020-10-29 16:00:42

Exports to Armenia declined by  67% in September compared to last year , local exports amounted to  $ 8.5 million.

In September 2019, vehicles worth  $ 31 million were exported from Georgia to Armenia.

The decrease in the total export indicator was caused by  a decrease in re-exports, since in September 2019 the total  exports amounted to $ 44 million, but local exports stood almost at the same level and made $ 7.7 million.

A  decline in exports was caused by the reduction in re-exports that in turn is associated with the decline in the re-export of cars to Armenia.

Statistics show that in September 2019, the export of vehicles  amounted to $ 31 million, while in September 2020, cars were not included in the official list of export commodities despite the fact that Armenia in 2019 was one of the main markets  for cars re-export.

It’s worth mentioning that the statistics do not reflect the changes associated with the war, since the hostilities began on September 27. It can be forecasted that in October the exports statistics to Armenia will continue worsening.


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