Business not going to pay for   COVID-19 tests for employees

Business not going to pay for COVID-19 tests for employees

access_time2021-11-26 12:05:13

 The business is not going to pay for   COVID-19 tests for employees  saying  that anti-vaxxers should pay themselves.

 According to Zurab Ramazashvili, Director of Telavi Wine Cellar, the management is trying to persuade every employee to voluntarily get a coronavirus vaccine and creates all the conditions for this.

“At this stage, we follow  all the procedures provided for by law, including regulations.  Companies are not going  to pay for anti-vaxxers out of their own pockets, so they will have to get tested at their own expense. I believe that this is the right approach, citizens must be more actively involved in the vaccination process as the only way  to overcome the pandemic,” he says.

In Ramazashvili’s words, business  supports the government and, if necessary, will tighten the approach to the vaccination of the staff.

The  founder of the Kumisi poultry company Zurab Uchumbegavishvili believes that  the problem of anti-vaxxers is not about money.

 “A large part of the Georgians doesn’t want to be vaccinated, and this is not a question of money. They are everywhere, their approach to immunization is wrong, and they pose a threat to society. There are such people in our company, we tried to convince them, but they still refuse to get vaccinated. I think  the government should be more principled in the current situation, and anyone who refuses to get vaccinated should be informed that they  will not have access to certain facilities, will not get the services, and may even lose their job,” he explains.


Uchumbegavishvili adds that the business is not obliged to pay COVID-19 tests for unvaccinated employees, and everyone who refuses to be vaccinated must pay himself.

The businessman’s company employs up to 200 people, of which only 10-15% are unvaccinated.

 By the decision of the government of Georgia, from January 1, 2022, unvaccinated citizens of Georgia will not be able to undergo testing for coronavirus at the expense of the state.

Their testing is expected to  be financed by employers, however, businessmen  who support mass vaccination consider it wrong  to pay for services for anti-vaxxers.


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