Business demands systemic changes in elections

Business demands systemic changes in elections

access_time2021-09-23 12:51:14

Business is not satisfied with the programs and vision of the economy presented by the ruling party and the opposition during the electoral campaign.


According to businessmen, nothing was said about the economic development  of the country that primarily  concerns opposition candidates who do not mention  the economy in their programs.


Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia founder Temur Chkonia believes  that approach in Georgia is fundamentally wrong  - business relies on  the state assistance, while business must help the state.


“Business should be in a distance from the state, as constant dependence on the government only harms it. But for this the country should have a fair business environment the authorities must  provide as well as timely regulations, an independent court, a coalition government and intellectual development. Asking  for help is humiliating for business, ” Temur Chkonia  stresses.

“The country needs a coalition, smart government, and not endless quarrels and conflicts between parties, in which the country's intellectual wealth is lost. Unfortunately, nobody thinks about it today. Elections are won by the  candidates who lack management skills. The choice is always made in favor of the populists that  is the fault of the society, which does not understand who it gives its voice to, " Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia founder concludes.


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