Beko sales up in summer

Beko sales up in summer

access_time2020-08-10 10:20:13

In June-July, sales in the Beko stores increased by 5-7%, Mehmet Melek, CEO of Beko, says.


“In January-July 2020 sales volume remained the same compared to 2019 that is  a very good indicator amid  the pandemic. Summer figures are even more encouraging as after the lockdown  was lifted, in June-July sales increased by 5-7%, ”he notes.


In Mehmet Melek’s words,  3 new stores opened this year also boosted the sales and currently  the  chain operates  66 stores.


During the pandemic, demand for refrigerators, gas ovens and washing machines increased.


When speaking about the forecasts for the future, Beko CEO notes that it is too early to draw any concrete conclusions.

“We are waiting for the period from August 15 to September 15 only then  we will be able to roughly predict future sales, "- Melek points out.


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