Banks' profits fell by GEL 53.671 million in one month

Banks' profits fell by GEL 53.671 million in one month

access_time2021-11-24 18:19:34

In October 2021, commercial banks earned  of GEL 117,488 million in net profit compared to GEL 53,671 million in September and  is GEL 4,970 million less than in the same period of the previous year. Net profit of banks in October last year stood at GEL 166,189 million.

Net profit for 2021 by months:

January - GEL 113,368 million;

February - GEL 132,115 million;

March - GEL 166,324 million;

April - GEL 173,071 million;

May - GEL 180,117 million;

June - GEL 294,628 million;

July - GEL 177,956 million;

August - GEL 233,123 million;

September - GEL 171,159 million;

October - GEL 117,488 million.

According to  the National Bank’s statistics, in October 2021 commercial banks earned  GEL 472,428 million, of which interest income was GEL 400,477 million. Expenditures of commercial banks amounted to GEL 337,052 million in October.


The income received by banks from fines / penalties reached  GEL 5,870 million; net profit from conversion operations amounted to GEL 34,312 million. At the same time, banks received GEL 36,349 million in fees and commissions last month.


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